Saturday, December 3, 2011

This week's Natalie Wood stories.

Publications: Globe, National Enquirer
Date: 12 Dec 2011
Let us recall that the Natalie Wood story was the exclusive possession of the low rent Examiner before the case was re-opened, but now that it has been re-opened, the other, and more well heeled Wicked Step Sisters are running with the story.  Here are the headlines.
  • National Enquirer: Only in the Enquirer
    Christopher Walken phone call revealed
    Natalie Wood sex secret
    What cops were never told
  • Globe: Natalie Wood case solved!
    World exclusive
    30 years after shocking death
    New evidence: her last words reveal what REALLY happened
    Plus: Natalie's secret diaries
    Are they telling the truth?
    Pictures of Robert Wagner and Christopher Walken

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