Thursday, November 17, 2011

This week's Demi and Ashton headlines.

 Publications: National Enquirer, Star, Weekly Life & Style, Us Weekly
Date: 28 Nov. 2011

More stories this week about Demi and Ashton than there are about Kim Kardashian.  Could the supermarket rags be getting over her at last?  It's early, but I think it's also possible.  Here are the Ashton-Demi headlines, printed mere hours before the divorce proceedings were made public.
  • National Enquirer:  Demi's face is melting!
    Ashton's cheating is taking a toll
    (now and 6 months ago)
  • Star: Exclusive details
        Demi: How 'Open Marriage' destroyed her
  • Weekly Life & Style: January's baby: Is Ashton the dad?
  • Us Weekly: Ashton & Demi's vacation to save their marriage
A lot of magazines have been predicting the divorce for a while, so I'm not handing out a scoop for this one, but if the rumor about January Jones' baby is true, that could very well have been the last straw.

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