Wednesday, November 2, 2011

On the rocks alert:
The divorce of Kim'n'Kris makes the cover of SEVEN gossip rags.

Publications: People, OK!, In Touch, Weekly Life & Style, Us Weekly, Star, National Enquirer
Date: 14 Nov. 2011
Fresh trash... on Wednesdays!  Yes, we get a story covered in seven supermarket rags, the most of any story in at least two years.

It's official!  I now hate Kim Kardashian's guts.  After nearly two years for not caring one way or the other, her obvious timing of ending her marriage for maximum exposure in the supermarket rags convinces me that she is exactly why the 99% should consider our modern society all out class warfare.

Here are the headlines from all seven magazines, which should be counted as a clean sweep. (The Globe and low rent Examiner skew too old for Kris, and the Sun is only interested in the End of the World.)
  • People: Kim's 72-day marriage: Mistake or fake?
    The real story
    Exclusive details
    What drove her to divorce now
    Husband Kris blindsided
    Just another reality TV stunt?
  • In Touch: $500 Million Divorce!
    The shocking betrayal that could void Kim's prenup!
  • OK!:  Kim files for divorce: "We're done!"
    After only 72 days!
    Why Kim felt trapped, embarrassed and tricked
    Kris' ultimatum: "Me or your family"
    He throws a divorce party
    Kim tells OK!: "This isn't easy"
  • Weekly Life & Style: First interview only in Life&Style
    Why I left him
    An embarrassed Kim: 'There was nothing else I could do'
    Kris wants the ring back: 'She used me!'
    Ex-boyfriend Reggie asks to reunite
  • Star: Kim: single & pregnant
    Divorce bombshell
    Showdown over baby ended marriage
  • National Enquirer: After divorce papers filed…
    Kim & Kris' wedding scam exposed!
    photo proof inside
  • Us Weekly:  My Big mistake
    Inside their final days
    Why Kim almost called off the wedding
    Their nasty private fights
    Did they marry for love or money?
 I have only one comment.  If Reggie Bush really wants to get back into the middle of this circus, he should get tested for concussion related brain damage.

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