Saturday, November 12, 2011

Love Bird alert and On the Rocks alert:
Bisexual co-star too close to Johnny?

 Publication: In Touch
Date: 21 Nov. 2011

Twenty five years ago, did you watch 21 Jump Street and think, "In the next century, that Johnny Depp kid is going to be a superstar"?

No, me neither.  Never watched 21 Jump Street.

In any case, Johnny Depp is often getting romantically linked to co-stars, which must be some annoyance to his longtime girlfriend Vanessa Paradis.  This week, he is on the cover with a smokin' hot blonde only identified as "bisexual co-star" who is allegedly getting too close.

Welcome to anonymous gossip hell, Amber Heard!  The actress who was born while 21 Jump Street was still on the air has a lot of credits on TV and film, and I doubt the cancellation of The Playboy Club is going to slow down the job offers.

Woody Allen once joked that being a bisexual would double your chances of getting a date for Saturday night. As a mathematician, I have to say even if Ms. Heard decided to play for just one team, her odds of companionship on any given Saturday are way over 50%, which means the probability can't be doubled.

Sorry about the nerdiness getting in the way of the hotness.  That's just how I roll.

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