Thursday, November 24, 2011

Three stories on Turkey Day about these turkeys

Publications: Us Weekly, OK!, Weekly Life & Style
Date: 5 Dec. 2011

The number of Kim'N'Kris stories went up to three this week, including two lead stories. Last week, it was only two stories with one being a lead.  Here are the headlines.
  • Us Weekly: Husband from hell
    The truth comes out
    He hit on other women, called Kim FAT and mocked her family
    Why she couldn't fake it anymore
  • Weekly Life & Style: The Kardashians' biggest fear:
    Kris sues Kim for $10 million
    Now it's war!
    The Kardashians go ballistic as Kris' family exposes all their dirty secrets 
  • OK!: Breaking news: Kim & Kris talk reunion
Once again, OK! cements its reputation as the nicest if not most reliable of the gossip rags. The idea that they are getting back together again is extremely far-fetched if there is a shred of truth in all the other dozens of stories we've been bombarded with over the past two months.  In fact, you have to go back to late September to find the last positive cover story about Kim'n'Kris, when OK! reported she was pregnant.

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