Wednesday, November 30, 2011

Hussy alert:
Eva steals NBA star from his baby mama!

Publication: Star
Date: 5 Dec. 2011

Fresh trash tomorrow!  Last trash of the week... right now!
Eva Longoria's story had all the makings of a gossip mag bonanza.  Attractive actress is betrayed by her celebrity husband, in her case NBA star Tony Parker.  But instead of getting sympathy, now the Star has a "world exclusive" that Eva has stole an NBA star from his baby mama.

Names are not named, but I'm assuming the star is someone other than Parker.

So instead of being a younger Sandra Bullock on TV instead of in the movies, Eva is being cast as the oldest Kardashian sister, albeit with actual talent.


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Karen Zipdrive said...

Those NBA guys must have some kind of magic that cannot be discerned by the average person. Thay all seem like extra tall creeps to me.