Sunday, November 27, 2011

Hollywood stylists tell all!

Publication: Star 
Date: 5 Dec. 2011

Star has one of those grab bag "bad help" stories dominating the front cover. This time it's Hollywood stylists dishing dirt.  First there's a list of "Guess who" gossip, followed by specific insults.  The part of the story that listed who smelled bad was published already as a Meanest Story of the Week nominee.

Here's the guess who part.
  • Who's a hoarder! 
  • Who duct tapes her boobs! 
  • Who goes commando!

J. Lo: Cellulite & Spanx

Angie: padded butt

Britney: Fast food stains on borrowed clothing!

Serena: bald spot

Kathie Lee: It's the pits!

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