Friday, November 18, 2011

Bun in the Oven Alert™:
The positive stories about the pregnancy of Kate Middleton.

Publications: Globe, In Touch, Us Weekly
Date: 28 Nov. 2011

It has now been eight months since the first rumor of Kate Middleton being pregnant was on a cover of an American supermarket rag.  Some magazines are still printing it like it's a widely acknowledged fact and others speak of it as a future event.  Here are the nicest headlines about it this week, with the nastiest being saved for the Meanest Story of the Week competition.
  • Globe: Camilla stuns pregnant Kate
    I don't want to be queen!
    Shocking reason Camilla accepted defeat
  • In Touch: Kate's six weeks pregnant
    A royal baby!
    How the happy & relieved princess is getting ready: 3 nurseries, a $1 million push present & the baby's name!
    Plus: her crazy cravings
  • Us: Will & Kate: Ready for baby
    She wants a boy - and a girl!
    Kate prepares to be a mom as Will's overseas duty puts their new marriage to the test
I'll believe she's pregnant when it's published in People or some other legitimate source. When she gives birth, I'll do the backward countdown to see which of the many rumored pregnancy starts deserves a scoop of the week label.

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