Saturday, October 15, 2011

Skeeter Davis Alert™:
The Mayans get everything right.
On a ridiculously easy test.

Publication: Sun
Date: 24 Oct. 2011

My rules on printing predictions about the End of the World from the cover of the Sun are straightforward. If they give a date and events to expect by that date, I will print it.

On that date, I'll let folks know if any of the stuff came true.

Usually... not so much.

This time, the Sun says the Mayans are right because of these omens already coming true.
  • Wildfires
  • Terror threats
  • Killer quakes
  • Raging floods
These are supposed to happen before December 31, 2012. Even if we don't count the ones that have already happened this year, it's a stone cold lock that all these things will happen somewhere in the world in the next 62 weeks or so.

I guess when it comes to the End of the World, after you get it wrong so many times, you start grading on the curve.

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