Sunday, October 2, 2011

The nine month review for 2011, part 4:
The most popular celebrities of 2011 so far.

If you look at the list of most popular celebrities of 2011 in terms of cover stories on the supermarket rags, right now Jennifer Aniston has 54 - way more than one a week - while her nearest competitors have not even crossed the 40 threshold.

But this is a bookkeeping illusion more than an actual lead. Kate Middleton's stories are split into solo appearances (24 so far with another in the pipeline) and stories labeled Wills'N'Kate, any story which mentions both her and her husband. Combining those, she is this year's gossip superstar with over 60 mentions on the covers.

And just to add insult to injury, if we combine BrAngelina stories with the stories that only mention Angelina Jolie and not Brad, Jen's nemesis is dominating her yet again.

And just to continue with the theme of attractive women wearing very little clothing, Kim Kardashian is just behind Jennifer Aniston for fourth place on the list when you combine her solo stories and the Kim'N'Kris cover appearances.

If Jen and her new beau stay together, next year I'll make a Jen'N'Justin label so she won't feel left out.

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