Friday, October 14, 2011

Meanest Story nominee:
Michael Douglas marked for death!

Publication: National Enquirer
Date: 24 Oct. 2011

Michael Douglas is no stranger to the tabloids saying he's going to die. While he lived through one expiration date earlier this year, he has yet another one coming up at Thanksgiving.

This time it's not the cancer but the Mexican drug cartel, if you can believe it. The Enquirer says his ne'er-do-well son Cameron has ratted on the Mexicans and they are going to come after his family or that's at least what "insiders fear".

This is a nominee for Meanest Story of the Week.

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Abu Scooter said...

First, it was the plot to off the Saudi ambassador to the U.S. Now, this. At this rate, if the Dallas Cowboys lose this week, I wouldn't be surprised to see the blame pinned on those Mexican cartels.