Friday, October 7, 2011

Meanest story nominee:
The Enquirer and Globe gang up on Dr. Conrad Murray.

Publications: National Enquirer, Globe
Date: 17 Oct. 2011

For the first time that I can recall, two stories get lumped together with a chance to win the Meanest Story of the Week competition, as both the Enquirer and Globe both do everything they can to convict Dr. Conrad Murray of the manslaughter of Michael Jackson before the trial is over. Here are the headlines.
  • Enquirer: Michael Jackson trial bombshell
    Dr. Murray's death kit found!
    Drugs, bloody needles, patient files and more discovered in his storage locker
  • Globe: Michael Jackson murdered!
    What Dr. Death is hiding from jury
    Official court photo - more inside
I haven't been paying attention to the trial, but it's taking place in Los Angeles. Juries down there are capable of anything.

These stories get a joint nomination for Meanest Story of the Week.

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