Thursday, October 20, 2011

The latest Ashton and Demi drama.
With a little extra Bruce Willis goodness thrown in.

Publications: National Examiner, National Enquirer, OK!, In Touch
Date: 31 Oct. 2011

Fresh trash on Thursdays! And a special welcome to gossip hell to Bruce Willis, his first mention on the cover of a supermarket rag this decade. Here are the headlines.
  • National Examiner: Demi wants Bruce back
  • National Enquirer: Tortured by Ashton's secret double life…
    Demi suicide shocker!
    Inside: details of her visit to this church for help
    humiliation pushes her to brink
    Bruce rushes to Demi's side
  • OK!: Ashton's cheating: What Demi's kids think
  • In Touch: Demi kicks Ashton out!
The big surprise in this one besides the suicide warning is the low rent Examiner getting in on this story. Their audience skews older than most, and it might be the addition of 80s TV star Willis that makes this story of any interest to them at all.

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