Wednesday, October 5, 2011

Fussin' and Feudin' Alert™:
War on the set of The X-Factor!

Publication: Globe
Date: 10 Oct. 2011

Welcome to gossip hell, Nicole Scherzinger! The lead singer of The Pussycat Dolls is now a judge on The X-Factor, the blatant rip-off of American False Idol Simon Cowell is trying to foist off on the American public with limited success. (He was quoted as saying audiences of less than 20 million would be a failure, a judgment he has since backed away from when the numbers came in at about 12 to 14 million viewers.)

In any case, Nicole is supposed to be feuding with fellow judge Paula Abdul, both of whom are perfect for a show like this about manufactured pop where musicianship, talent and having something to say are completely irrelevant.

To give an idea of what a failure this whole venture is, note that this story is in the Globe, one of the gossip rags whose audience skews older and poorer than the others.

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