Friday, October 21, 2011

And the camera noses in to the tears on their faces:
Stories about the missing baby Lisa Irwin.

Publications: People, National Enquirer
Date: 31 Oct. 2011

It's one of those odd situations that stories about missing babies are most likely to show up either in the relatively nice and reliable People or in the not at all nice and very unreliable Three Wicked Step Sister tabloids, the Enquirer, Globe and the low rent Examiner. Here are the headlines.
  • People: What happened to baby Lisa?
    Shocking new details
    A mother under fire
    Deborah Bradley says she was drunk and doesn't know what happened the night her 10-month-old daughter disappeared. Inside the deepening mystery
  • National Enquirer: Baby Lisa: What mom told cops
    11 month old Lisa Irwin
    dad Jeremy and mother Deborah

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