Sunday, September 4, 2011

Tributes to the heroes of 9/11

Publications: Globe, People
Date: 12 Sept. 2011

The magazines on the racks today will not be there a week from now on the tenth anniversary of the terror attacks of September 11 2011, but both Globe and People are doing tributes this week. The Globe went small, with just a tiny picture in the lower right hand corner, while People's more imaginative take is the main picture on the cover. Here are the headlines.
  • Globe: 9/11 heroes We'll never forget
  • People: Legacy of love
    The children of 9/11
    Portraits of hope
    Their fathers died that terrible day, before they were born.
    Today, those 10 kids and their moms have triumphed over tragedy.
Best wishes to those who lost loved ones on that day.

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