Friday, September 16, 2011

Meanest story nominee:
Reese Witherspoon's brain surgery drama!

Publication: National Enquirer
Date: 26 Sept. 2011

Earlier this month, Reese Witherspoon was hit by a car and briefly hospitalized. It was a one day story in the online gossip world and the timing was bad for the supermarket rags. But more than a week later, the Enquirer puts her on the cover with overly sensational headlines.
  • Days after being hit by car
  • Reese's Brain Surgery Drama!
  • World Exclusive photos inside
  • It could be deadly!
Technically, any strong concussion can turn deadly, but it's rare. For the serious over-reaction, this is a nominee for Meanest Story of the Week.

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Karen Zipdrive said...

Must have been a slow news week.