Monday, September 5, 2011

Love Bird Alert™:
Successful reality show romances.

Publication: People
Date: 12 Sept. 2011

People is one of the most positive of the supermarket rags, trailing only OK! in the percentage of positive to negative stories. Both of these cheery publications achieve this by going all Pollyanna from time to time, as People does this week by recounting the romantic successes of reality TV shows. Many of their happy couples met on shows like Survivor or The Amazing Race, but the cover picture is of the great (only?) success of The Bachelor franchise, Ryan and Trista Sutter, who met on The Bachelorette back in 2003, got hitched and are still together.

I give my best wishes to the happy couple, but this story is kind of like someone shilling for the tobacco industry stating the correct fact that some people smoke all their lives and they don't die of lung cancer, emphysema or congestive heart disease.

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