Monday, September 12, 2011

Damn You Skinny Alert™:
Sexiest bodies in Hollywood!

Publication: OK!
Date: 19 Sept. 2011

For all OK!'s faults, when they have a headline about best beach bodies, they have pictures of pretty people on the cover. A lot of AMI mags have "best and worst" headlines then only show the worst.

Kim Kardashian is included, though she's not really "in Hollywood" since she doesn't make movies or non-reality TV.

Still, I like looking at this picture.

Megan Fox is "in Hollywood", but her star is fading fast. Still pretty, but not still getting a lot of work.

Zac Efron is like the male Megan Fox. Everyone agrees he looks good without a shirt, but his post High School Musical career is still waiting for a hit movie.

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Karen Zipdrive said...

Isn't their 15 minutes almost up by now? Once Kim drops her first kid, her hips will have two zip codes. As for the other two...Think Kookie from 77 Sunset Strip and Tuesday Weld. Not exactly household names anymore.