Friday, September 30, 2011

All the Teen Mom crap for 10 Oct. 2011

Publications: OK!, In Touch, Weekly Life & Style, Us Weekly
Date: 10 Oct. 11

Four supermarket gossip rags decided to take a dip in the cesspool that is Teen Mom. Here are the headlines, three about Farrah Abraham and one about Catelynn Lowell, just in case anyone reading this can tell the difference between these half-witted bimbettes.
  • OK!: Teen Mom Farrah: back with her baby
  • In Touch: Farrah's baby: Ditched to party
  • Weekly Life & Style: Farrah's regret: She wants Sophia back
  • Us Weekly: Teen Mom Catelynn: Afraid Tyler will dump her
Note that there are three completely different takes on the Farrah story, and In Touch and Weekly Life & Style are owned by the same company. Some one need to work on getting their stories straight.

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