Wednesday, August 24, 2011

Breaking news:
Steve Jobs resigns as Apple CEO

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As has been reported in many outlets, Steve Jobs has resigned today as CEO of Apple. None of the official statements mention it, but it is widely assumed to be health related.

This only counts as breaking news for tabloid fodder because the National Enquirer gave Jobs six week to live back in February. Obviously, they overstated the severity of the health issue, but many people fear it may have been just an overstatement and not an outright lie.

For the record, the tabloids suck at predicting death. The only correct expiration date so far was when the low rent Examiner said this year would be Miss Elizabeth Taylor's last birthday, and even this one can be discounted when we take into consideration how many death knells she heard in the gossip rags since the early 1960s.

The missed deadlines include Whitney Houston, Aretha Franklin, Michael Douglas, Dick Clark and Bill Clinton. Unfortunately, there is also the case of Elizabeth Edwards who died a few months after her six month expiration date passed.

Best wishes to Mr. Jobs, his family and friends, from someone writing a blog post on an Apple computer.

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