Wednesday, August 10, 2011

Bells Are Ringing Alert™ and Bun In The Oven Alert™:
The Jen and Justin rumor mill goes nuts!

Publications: In Touch, Star, Weekly Life & Style, Us Weekly
Date: 22 August 2011

Fresh trash... on Wednesdays?!? Yeah, there a story being covered by four different supermarket rags and it's already being denied. Once again, it is about the not yet used uterus of America's Favorite Spinster, Jennifer Aniston.

Here are the headlines.
  • In Touch: Jen & Justin's Shotgun wedding!
    Pregnant already?
    A quickie beach ceremony, plans to raise their baby in NYC
    why friends fear Jen's moving too fast with a man she barely knows
  • Weekly Life & Style: Jen & Justin: A wedding and a baby!
  • Star: Jen makes it official
    Yes, I'm having a baby!
    Exclusive: Justin's family talks to Star
  • Us Weekly: Trying for a baby
    Inside Jen's shocking decision to start a family with Justin - after just five months
    Says a pal, "She hasn't felt this way since Brad."
The website talked to a representative of Ms. Aniston who called bullshit on the story. Just because the same thing is being said by four different supermarket rags in the same week does not make it true.

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