Wednesday, August 31, 2011

Bells Are Ringing Alert™:
Lady Gaga's secret wedding.

Publication: National Enquirer
Date: 5 Sept. 2011

Fresh trash tomorrow! Last trash of the week... right now!

The Enquirer has a story that Lady Gaga is going to have a secret wedding and tells you, the reader, how you can attend.

This story is odd for several reasons. Let me list them.
  1. This is the first time the Enquirer has mentioned Lady Gaga this decade. She's really not aimed at their demographic.
  2. It's a generally positive story from the Meanest Tabloid In The United States.
  3. If the wedding is a secret, how can any old person in a supermarket checkout line attend?
As odd as the story was, I didn't open the rag up to find the answer to the last question.

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