Monday, August 29, 2011

And the camera noses in to the tears on their faces:
Rose McGowan's escape from a cult.

Publication: People
Date: 5 Sept. 2011

Welcome to gossip hell, Rose McGowan! People interviews the actress, who currently can be seen in the box office dud Conan the Barbarian, about growing up in a hippie commune in Italy that she fairly describes as a cult and how she escaped from it.

Let us recall that Rose got her big break replacing Shannen Doherty on the TV show Charmed when Doherty became just too difficult to work with. Ms. Doherty is still in a creepy cult called the Republican Party.

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dguzman said...

Saw her appearance on a Law & Order: SVU episode recently (probably a rerun) -- she's obviously had A LOT of work done, and it did NOT go well. She's got the stereotypical fat upper lip, the paralyzed eye area, etc. Eek.