Sunday, July 3, 2011

People puts the last nail in the coffin of the Brad and Emily story.
Or at least one can hope.

Publication: People
Date: 11 July 2011

The season of the Bachelor starring this guy Brad last aired in March, but it was still a prime story in the supermarket rags in April and May, then mercifully ignored in June. Now that the new season of the Bachelorette is airing, I thought we might go back to those happy days when "Brad" meant Brad Pitt, but no such luck. People felt the need to repeat what everyone was saying two months ago, that the fake romance on the fake TV show was just a sham and now it's over.

Here are the headlines.
  • Why I left Brad
    Reeling from the split Emily Maynard reveals how their romance went so wrong, so fast
    Brad admits: "It's all my fault"

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Karen Zipdrive said...

He's a douchebag looking to get some kind of acting or game show hosting job, whereas she's a douchebag looking to get some kind of acting or game show hosting job.
That show is so ridiculous it's actually entertaining.
The dates they come up with are so elaborate and expensive, you and I could fall madly in love just because we've been blinded by such idyllic conditions.
A true reality show about finding a spouse would have them locked up in some smelly old mobile home on the outskirts of Yuma, Arizoma with a rabbit-ear antenna TV and some Reader's Digest condensed books for entertainment. Both would have to take jobs at WalMart or a 7/11 and they'd have to share a 1989 Saturn with Bondo all over it.
Now THAT would be a test of true love!