Friday, July 1, 2011

Mid year review for 2011, part four:
The most popular celebrities

Here are the ten most popular celebrities in terms of appearance on the covers of The Only Ten Magazines That Matter since this blog started in January 2010.

1. Jennifer Aniston (97)
2. Sandra Bullock (90)
3. BrAngelina (88)
4. Kim Kardashian (82)
5. Kourtney Kardashian (61)
6. Wills'N'Kate (59)
7. Kendra Wilkinson (52)
8. Barack Obama (49)
9. Jesse James (47)
10. Angelina Jolie (46)

Both Angelina Jolie and Barack Obama are new to the top ten since the last three month review, a change I correctly predicted. The only person knocking on the door at the moment is Oprah Winfrey, and if things go as they have been going, Angelina will pass Jesse James for the ninth spot, then Oprah will knock Jesse out of the Top Ten. Kourtney and Kendra are fading from view, and while Wills'N'Kate will continue to climb, I have no idea who else beyond Oprah might break into this list by the end of the year.

2011 list
1. Jennifer Aniston 2011 (34)
2. Wills'N'Kate 2011 (30)
3. Kim Kardashian (29)
4. BrAngelina 2011 (27)
5. Sandra Bullock 2011 (21)
6. Barack Obama 2011 (19)
7-9. Bachelor Brad (17)
7-9. Elizabeth Taylor 2011 (17)
7-9. Kendra Wilkinson 2011 (17)
10. Leah Messer 2011 (16)

Three months ago, I correctly predicted Ryan Reynolds would fade from view, but I incorrectly guessed that we had seen something close to the last from Bachelor Brad and Miss Elizabeth Taylor. I'm going to double down on my earlier incorrect predictions and say Brad and Liz will be out of the top ten by the end of September, and add another guess that Kendra is about to fade. I can't be sure who will overtake them, but right now it looks like a swarm of Teen Moms, more's the pity.

Notice that Kim Kardashian is the only sister in the top ten for this year. Her upcoming wedding has turned Kourtney and Khloe into ghosts, and the TV show is going to start focusing on the underage sisters. I'm the last person to judge what will work on reality TV, but this might be a bridge too far.

One can always hope.

The next review will come about Labor Day. You can still check in every day here at It's News 2 Them™ for the latest in supermarket gossip.

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