Sunday, June 19, 2011

All this week's news about Pippa Middleton

Publications: Us Weekly, In Touch, Weekly Life & Style
Date: 27 June 2011

I thought Pippa Middleton was going to be a flash in the pan, especially here in the United States after the wedding was over, but the editors of The Only Ten Magazines That Matter have other ideas. Here are the headlines.
  • Us Weekly: Harry & Pippa! Their love secrets
    As rumors swirl of a secret date between Harry & Pippa, she leaves her boyfriend and steps out with secret royal
  • Weekly Life & Style: Pippa upgrades to a millionaire
  • In Touch: Pippa & Harry Secret Date!
According to British sources, she hasn't left her longtime boyfriend Alex Loudon, a guy who hasn't made it to the covers of the American gossip rags yet.

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