Monday, May 9, 2011

Bundle of Joy Alert:
Meet Mariah's babies.

Publications: OK!, Weekly Life & Style
Date: 16 May 2011

Mariah Carey has finally delivered her twins. She actually announced the pregnancy in October, only seven months ago, but there have been rumors since March 2010, which would give her the gestation period of an Indian elephant.

The twins are now named Monroe and Morroccan (?!?!?)When the child turns 18, he will be allowed to change his name to something sensible, but by then, most of the major bullying will have been done.


Karen Zipdrive said...

Naming a baby Morroccan is ridiculous.
They must have gotten it out of "The Palin Family Book of Baby Names."
It's just too creepy.

wv: silli

Matty Boy said...

Great wv.

There was talk about naming the girl Marilyn and the boy Monroe. As cheesy as that is, it's a jillion times better than what we've got here. I don't many kids named Monroe, but that sounds more like a boy's name than a girl's name.

Massive fail all the way around.