Friday, April 1, 2011

Missed deadline alert:
Steve Jobs is still alive.

Six weeks ago, the National Enquirer wrote that Steve Jobs of Apple had six weeks to live. Here it is, six weeks and one day later and Mr. Jobs is still alive. Steve joins Dick Clark, Michael Douglas and Bill Clinton as the folks still alive after a prediction of death in a given time. Last year, Elizabeth Edwards also missed a deadline but died about two months after the predicted time. The only correct deadline prediction so far in 2010 and 2011 is Miss Elizabeth Taylor, when the Globe said her birthday in February 2011 would be her last.

Recall that the Enquirer was given a lot of credit a few years back when they predicted Michael Jackson had six months to live and he died before that deadline was up. Like most folks with "correct" predictions of this nature, there is a lot of guesswork going on and they expect we won't recall the mistakes.

This blog exists to make sure the mistakes get a full airing.

Best wishes to Steve Jobs, his family and friends, from a blogger writing on a Mac.

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