Friday, March 18, 2011

Meanest Story nominee:
Paula Deen's arrest bombshell

Publication: National Enquirer
Date: 28 March 2011

This week, it's a four way battle for Meanest Story of the Week, with two stories from the Enquirer and a story each from the lesser Wicked Step Sister blogs, the Globe and the low rent Examiner.

The Flagship uses the words "Paula Deen" and "arrest" in the same sentence, and throws in a "bombshell" for good measure. (The race for most overused words in the tabloids is right now a neck and neck contest between "bombshell" and "shocker", with "blowup" still a dark horse candidate.

Knowing how popular the story about Paula Deen's completely alleged divorce shocker was last year, this one gets a Meanest Story of the Week nomination.

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Karen Zipdrive said...

Since when is deep-frying a battered ham a crime?