Monday, March 28, 2011

Bad Help Alert:
Hollywood stylists get serious about the dish!

Publication: Star magazine
Date: 4 April 2011

I am ambivalent about bad help alerts.

Nannies blabbing to the gossip rags about kids? I disapprove.

Stylists blabbing about hair, make-up and wardrobe? Oh, somebody make some popcorn, this is going to be fun!

Star devotes a huge amount of their cover to dirt about celebrity beauty secrets, some questions given as "Guess who?", which means you will have to buy the magazine yourself to find out because I refuse to open these things unless under serious duress, and several stories where they name names. Here are all the headlines.
  • Hollywood stylists tell all the flaws, the fakes, the fights
  • Who has a closet just for Spanx?
  • Who duct tapes her boobs?
  • Who waxes her freaky toes?
  • Who has to be sewn into her dresses?
  • Who steals from her stylist?
  • LeeAnn (Rimes): Starving for attention
  • Rihanna: Seeing red
  • Jen (Aniston): Finger fungus
  • J. LO: Squeeze play (She is the boob duct taper.)
  • Camille (Grammer): Closet confidential
  • Bethenny (Frankel): Zit fit
I only know the boob duct tape story because Star put it on the front page of their website. As much as I might want to know who waxes her freaky toes and who steals from her stylist, I do have rules, and I obey them slavishly except under the most extreme situations.

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Karen Zipdrive said...

I wish I had a Spanx closet.