Saturday, February 5, 2011

Surprisingly sane headline of the week:
Joan Kennedy's Problems with Plastic

Publication: Weekly World News (via the Sun)
Date: 7 February 2011

A couple of headlines out of time sequence today because I didn't see last week's Sun until today. The Weekly World News, the home of Bat Boy and aliens and two-headed bigfoots (bigfeet?) getting shot on the White House lawn, goes with a completely verifiable headline that would be right at home in the Globe or the low rent Examiner. In fact, the low rent Examiner had this story as part of a Problems With Plastic Alert™ anthology back last September.

Joan Kennedy looks like hell.

If we measure bad plastic surgery as distance from Mickey Rourke, Joan Kennedy may actually be beyond the Mickster. I judge her to be about somewhere between 105% and 110% on the Rourke Rubber Mask scale, also written as RRM 1.05 and RRM 1.1.


dguzman said...


My eyes, my eyes!

Matty Boy said...

Sorry, I needed the picture to make the headline valid.

"Hell in a handbasket" or "death eating a cracker" is far too kind.