Tuesday, January 4, 2011

Rachel Ray cookbook giveaway.

Publication: National Examiner
Date: 19 January 2011

Let the other gossip rags tell their readers about diets that work and exercise routines. For the readers of the low rent Examiner, the only actual gossip rag without an online presence (the Sun and their predictions of the Apocalypse are really gossip), they know that for their readers, bikini season ended in 1975, if not earlier. Instead, they offer a giveaway of the Rachel Ray cookbook, so you can get a butt this big or bigger, only without the nice gams or relatively slender tummy to go with it.

1 comment:

Karen Zipdrive said...

That is totally not her butt.
Give me Photoshop and an hour and I can make anyone's butt look like that.