Saturday, January 22, 2011

On the rocks alert:
Jake's cruel rebound.

Publication: In Touch
Date: 31 January 2011

In the fall, they were the cutest new celebrity couple, but fall turned to winter and Jake and Taylor were through. Who's to blame? The Only Ten Magazines That Matter would have it that he was a cad, but now a new wrinkle has been added.

Or should I say a new lack of wrinkles? Welcome to (adult) gossip hell, Camilla Belle! Weeks after breaking up with Taylor, Jake has been seen escorting the 24 year old actress around. The thing that makes this cruel, according to In Touch, is that Camilla also stole Taylor's last boyfriend away as well.

Ms. Belle has been working in films since before she was ten and, like almost anyone that age in the business these days, spent time working in projects for the Disney Channel. She was previously romantically linked with Joe Jonas, if that is the correct adverb.


Karen Zipdrive said...

She's cute!
I can't wait for Taylor Swift's new song about the Jezebel boyfriend stealer.

Matty Boy said...

She is cute and she gets a lot of work as an actress. The only thing of hers I saw was the the Jurassic Park sequel The Lost World, but that's back when she was just a sprout.