Sunday, January 30, 2011

Fussin' and Feudin' Alert™:
Reagan family war explodes!

Publication: Globe
Date: 7 February 2011

The Globe returns to a story they got right earlier this year, that Nancy Reagan is mightily upset at her youngest Ron Jr., who had the gall to print what everybody looking at the facts already knows, that daddy Ronnie was showing signs of Alzheimer's while he was in office, though the official diagnosis happened afterwards. Since the Globe calls it a war, some of the other children may be involved. It's interesting that those that sprung from the loins of Nancy are fairly liberal, while the older kids, adopted Michael and Jane Wyman spawn Maureen, are part of the "Dad was the greatest" crowd.

The late Reagan's 100th birthday is coming up, so expect to hear conservatives tell us what a terrific success he was, except for the parts about massively increasing the debt, funding Osama Bin Laden, getting 200+ Marines killed in Lebanon for no good reason, trading arms for hostages and breaking international law by funding the Contras and committing acts of war like mining Nicaragua's ports.

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