Saturday, January 8, 2011

Fussin' and Feudin' Alert™:
Housewives' revenge on nasty Camille

Publication: Weekly Life & Style
Date: 17 January 2011

Just as man does not live on bread alone, gossip rags do not live on Angelina Jolie alone. You need a variety of bitches to keep the folks in the supermarket checkout lines happy, and the new bitch du jour is Camille Grammer. According to the Weekly Life and Style website, some of the other housewives did a little Googling and found some soft porn Camille did back in the 1990s when she was trying to figure out how turn turn her boobs into cash cows.

It's very early in the year and Real Housewives is talking about not bringing her back, but if they do, she could rival the Kardashians and Sarah Palin as the favorite gossip rag cover girl from the reality show circuit.

1 comment:

Karen Zipdrive said...

She is a passive aggressive whore who forgot she hooked Kelsey Grammer because he was/is a total whoremonger.
Now she's a rich, single passive aggressive whore who may quit the show because she didn't like that America saw her as the passive aggressive whore she truly is.
Did I mention she's a whore?
Oh, good.