Monday, January 17, 2011

Drew Carey dumped!

Publication: National Examiner
Date: 24 January 2011

The low rent Examiner has no stories directly about Hey Old Timer Gossip this week, which means no one whose claim to fame starts before Matty Boy graduated high school in the early 1970s. Instead, they write stories of interest to their demographic by making most of them about daytime TV stars. According to them, Drew Carey has been dumped. Whether this means he is losing his job on The Price Is Right or his sweetheart has given him the boot, I do not know, since as you know, I just read the covers of the tabloids, I don't open them up.


Karen Zipdrive said...

My hunch is he was dumped by The Price Is Right.
And if he's got some bimbo girlfriend, once the PiR dough stops flowing, she'll be the next to dump him.

Matty Boy said...

There must be some rule that guys who have lost a lot of weight are not allowed to go to tailors that will make them a flattering suit.

Karen Zipdrive said...

Looks like Peewee Herman designed it.