Tuesday, January 11, 2011

Damn You Fat Alert™:
Beach body disasters

Publication: National Enquirer
Date: 17 January 2011

Do you want to see famous people looking bad wearing very little clothing? If so, the National Enquirer is the magazine for you. On the cover, they have allegedly recent and very bad photos of Paris Hilton (who they call Porky Paris) and Jennifer Love Hewitt (a.k.a. Jiggly Jennifer).

The picture above is an older photo Jennifer Love Hewitt that made her much more serious about her exercise routine. If we can believe The Flagship, that serious attitude didn't last.


McGriddle Pants said...

This is why I don't want to be famous. My friends know better than to POST, let alone TAKE pics where my ass-region is exposed, a la this picture of JLove. That's just an area that you really don't need to see straight on. That's why its in the BACk to begin with!!!

Matty Boy said...

You make several valid points, McGriddle Pants. Mind if I call you McG for short?

And thanks for following the blog and commenting. The blog's viewership has grown massively in the first year, but sometimes I wonder whether people are reading or just coming to look at the pictures.

Karen Zipdrive said...

I wouldn't mind being famous, but it would have to be for a profession where your butt appearance is not a factor, like a writer or artist.