Sunday, January 23, 2011

Bells Are Ringing Alert™:
Inside Teen Mom Leah's wedding

Publications: Weekly Life & Style, OK!
Date: 31 January 2011

I don't follow the Teen Mom shows at all, but The Only Ten Magazines That Matter expect that their target demographic is on a first name basis with these people. There are two cover stories about the wedding of Leah (Messer) to her baby daddy Corey (Simms).

  • OK! Leah's Wedding: Corey's Change Of Heart
  • Weekly Life & Style: Inside Teen Mom Leah's Wedding
The people who produce this show say they don't glamorize teen pregnancy, and the fact that one of Leah's twins has a disability is evidence to that effect. Still, these kids are put on TV, and that alone is some bizarre currency in today's society, and get paid a boatload of cash to boot. Going on this show is like winning some weird lottery no science fiction or fantasy writer could have ever imagined.