Tuesday, October 5, 2010

Reality TV's Chilling Curse.

Publication: Globe
Date: 11 Ocotber 2010

The Globe has one of those grab bag cover stories, with multiple pictures of celebrities and multiple problems mentioned. The problems listed are murder, suicide, arrests and sex scandals. The people listed include the following.

Dog the Bounty Hunter. I'm using process of elimination, but my best guess is her is the one involved in the murder. Also, I would say he actually counts as a reality TV star.

Marie Osmond. She would be the one who is linked to suicide, since her son killed himself. Even though she has been on Dancing With The Stars and was a judge on Celebrity Duets, she doesn't count as a reality TV star in my book.

Bret Michaels. Probably the sex scandals. Also, he's been on reality TV, but he was an actual celebrity before that.

There is a fourth person on the list, an awful person from that horrible show I refuse to name. I'm guessing she is the one with the arrests. Like Dog The Bounty Hunter, she does actually count as someone from reality TV. If even the Globe is going to mention people from this show, its influence is probably not going to go away soon, but I still refuse to mention these people until one of them does something that is actually newsworthy, an extremely unlikely event.


Karen Zipdrive said...

No fair. Was the unnamed 4th Danielle Staub from the Housewives of NJ?
She's got a rap sheet any gangster rapper would envy.

Matty Boy said...

I kinda sorta name the shows with the wives. This is a woman from that other show. I sent you an e-mail about someone else from that show and the very specific circumstances that might cause me to mention him in the future. This should be enough information for you to figure out who I'm talking about without breaking my rules.