Monday, October 4, 2010

On the Rocks Alert with an oblique hairdresser reference:
John Travolta living a lie

Publication: Star
Date: 11 October 2010

This story is playing out in a strange way. Last week, it was the National Enquirer who had the six secret lovers story. This week, it's the Star. The cover headline reads as follows.

John caught in cheating scandal
The bombshell charge that John had multiple secret lovers is just the latest blow to the Travolta marriage. With her baby due in weeks, will Kelly be able to keep up the charade?

So this same story has been the headline for two weeks, but only on the Enquirer website to they come right out and say John's lovers are men. Nowhere on either cover was the word "gay" mentioned, but it is on the Flagship's website this week.

This is very odd. The Enquirer has printed nine Hairdresser Alerts™ this year, about one a month. Why they would be coy about using the word on their cover when their animosity towards Travolta is already completely obvious is beyond me. It's also a little odd for the Star to pick up the scraps off the Enquirer's table. They are owned by the same company, but it's more common for stories from The Flagship to be followed up by the Globe or the low rent Examiner.

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Karen Zipdrive said...

Travolta's got the dough to sue them into oblivion, so maybe that's why they are chickenshit about just coming out and saying it in their print edition.
Maybe they think they can always take a web page down and it'll disappear forever.