Sunday, October 17, 2010

On the rocks alert:
Kendra leaves Hank

Publication: Weekly Life & Style
Date: 25 October 2010

News on the Kendra front has slowed down to a trickle since her show has been on hiatus. Looking online, this story gets some confirmation, as Kendra is moving back to Los Angeles to do her TV show while Hank is living in Minnesota since he now plays for the Vikings.

As for the marriage being over, there were a lot of rumors last May, but they stayed together.

The general policy of this blog is pro-love and pro-happiness. If they aren't cheating on each other, I hope they work things out.


Anonymous said...

She got a huge splash in PLAYBOY for some really big bucks. No doubt her money making machine ain't hurtin one iota if there is an estranged relationship here.

Karen Zipdrive said...

She's way too dumb to locate the front door, so she can't leave him.
He's a good man. She's possibly the stupidest bimbo on Earth.