Tuesday, October 19, 2010

Michael Douglas changes his will

Publication: Star
Date: 25 October 2010

The Star continues with their campaign to wish the worst for Michael Douglas. Last week they said Douglas and his wife Catherine Zeta Jones were saying goodbye. This week they say he changed his will and use the phrase "last wishes".

This story could be true and it still wouldn't mean Michael Douglas isn't going to beat this thing. A lot of people faced with a situation that involves serious risk give new thoughts to their will, then they beat the odds. On the Letterman show, Douglas said the doctors gave him odds of 80% to beat this. Those sound pretty good.

Best wishes once again to Michael Douglas, his family and friends, from a fan.

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Karen Zipdrive said...

Maybe he changed his will to add a lot of strict conditions to money his meth addicted, jailbird son might inherit.
The kid doesn't seem like he'd wisely invest any lump sums of money he inherited. He's a total bum.

As for Michael Douglas, when he first announced he had cancer he said it was stage 4. There is no stage 5, so I too hopes he defies the odds.