Saturday, October 16, 2010

Breaking news:
Barbara Billingsley dead at 94

If I were superstitious, coincidences would mean more to me than they do. That said, I will note that the correct death predictions this year have been a little eerie.

In late May, the tabloids had no correct predictions. A week later, Gary Coleman, Dennis Hopper and Rue McLanahan had all died.

In September, I printed the nine month review and remarked that the tabloids, most especially the Three Wicked Step Sisters, had added a lot of names to the list, but still there were only three correct predictions. One day later, Tony Curtis was dead.

This morning, I brought up that the Enquirer said Elizabeth Edwards would be dead within six months and that was six months ago, so swing and a miss for The Flagship. But the Enquirer was the first to give a warning of impending demise for Ms. Billingsley almost exactly nine months ago, though they didn't tell us how long she had.

The numbers are now five correct predictions out of a total of fifty eight this year. I fully expect there may be more to die this year, but I also expect the vultures to mention more people who still have years of life ahead of them. They are batting a miserable .086, after all.

Best wishes to the family and friends of Barbara Billingsley, from a fan.


Zoey and Me said...

I wonder if anyone has told the Beaver yet.

Padre Mickey said...

She was 94. She was bound to buy the farm relatively soon.

Karen Zipdrive said...

I used to love it when she'd say, "Ward, I'm worried about the Beaver."
Even as a kid I knew that beaver was slang for vajayjay.
She was especially good in the movie "Airplane!" when she jive-talked those Black guys on the plane. Hilarious.
RIP Barbara.