Thursday, September 30, 2010

Kick a FRESH corpse, why don'tcha?
Eddie Fisher's deathbed call to Liz

Publication: Globe
Date: 11 October 2010

Fresh trash on Thursdays!

When a celebrity dies and he or she was never mentioned in the tabloids this year, I have to use my best judgment as to whether the tabloids will even care. I was sure they would care about Eddie Fisher because he was such a staple of the tabloids about fifty years ago, and the Globe proved me correct by having this story on their front page. They say he called Liz on his deathbed. They do not say if she took the call or not.

Looking at this picture, I think it's pretty obvious he was out of his league with Liz and if Richard Burton hadn't shown up, somebody else would have done just fine as far as she was concerned.

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Karen Zipdrive said...

If he did call her, would she have been with-it enough to know who he was?
I think the tabs should be forced to lay off anyone over age 70.