Thursday, September 23, 2010

Dancing With the Stars update:
Bristol and her rug rat

Publications: National Enquirer, In Touch
Date: 4 October 2010

The supermarket rags are all over Dancing With The Stars, and early in the season, they can't get enough of Bristol Palin. Here are the headlines from the Enquirer and In Touch.

Enquirer: DTWS Baby Scandal
In Touch: Bristol: Diapers and dancing

I don't like to be catty about the weight of young women, but that dress does nothing for her. I'm not exactly slim and trim, but in my defense, I don't wear red off the shoulder mini-dresses either.

One should respect one's limits.


susan s. said...

Well, she could hold her tummy in and look a lot better. I think she looks pretty good in the one with her partner. And I saw her dance. She's not bad, but she's not great either.

Matty Boy said...

Like I said, I feel bad about mocking women for their weight. I have no compunction about mocking them for clothes and make-up choices. After all, I cut my blogging teeth as a commenter at Princess Sparkle Pony.

That level of make-up shoots past beauty pageant contestant and lands in the clown category.


Karen Zipdrive said...

Hey, when you offer yourself up as a "celebrity," then you have to step it up and look good whenever you are in public.
Her dance partner seems to be having to strain a bit to hoist up her haunch. And I think I spy some cankles in the making.