Tuesday, July 27, 2010

Damn You Skinny Alert™:
Bikini diets

Publication:National Enquirer
Date: 2 August 2010

If you pictures of women on the beach taken through telephoto lens, you'll love the National Enquirer this week. There are four photos on the cover, one an unflattering "Guess Who?" shot (I don't open the magazine unless there's a damn good reason and I refuse to guess) and the three pictures of women who are identified actually look good.

We have Leann Rimes looking trim.

Lisa Rinna may look a little too skinny for some people's taste, but she's 47 years old and I'm pretty sure that's the look she is going for. Good for her.

Ice-T's wife Coco may look a bit over-inflated for a lot of people's taste, but I am absolutely certain that is the look she is going for. Good for her.

The Flagship was on a long streak of negative stories before this. The last headline of a definitely positive nature was in late May when they reported Rachel Ray lost 25 pounds. They also said Sandra forgave Jesse back in June, but it's debatable whether that is a positive thing or not.

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Karen Zipdrive said...

Coco looks like a big white heiffer right off the farm. I hope she and Ice T never make a sex tape because it would be totally frightening.
As for Lisa Rinna--yikes. That belly area is tore up from the floor up.