Tuesday, July 6, 2010

Damn You Fat Alert™:
Jessica Simpson's Desparate New Diet

Publication: Us Weekly
Date: 12 July 2010

Jessica Simpson is a little thing with big breasts. She's a little taller and with a more modest bust than Dolly Parton, but she's shorter with a bigger bust than Marilyn Monroe. It takes crazy work for a woman that size to keep her figure, and in today's show business, if you don't keep that figure, they ship you off to Monster Island.

She may be as dumb as a bag full of hair, but I still feel bad for her when I see how she is treated by the gossip rags.


Karen Zipdrive said...

Maybe her innate dumbness enures her to tabloid barbs.

Padre Mickey said...

She's becoming a Healthy Gal.

Matty Boy said...

Her story is about to crazy go nuts. Lots and lots more Jess stories starting tomorrow.