Tuesday, June 1, 2010

Damn You Skinny Alert™:
Kim and Khloe's bikini bods

Publication: Weekly Life & Style
Date: 7 June 2010

There was a minor scandal concerning this cover story reported on the Huffington Post. The pictures above are from a Sept. 2009 issue, and though they have new pictures in the issue on the stands this week, the interviews are very similar.

Think about that for a second. Somebody had to read both articles and remember the one from eight months ago enough to care about this self-plagiarism.

Suddenly, I don't feel quite as obsessive about this hobby of keeping tabs on the supermarket rag headlines. I've set myself a guideline of not opening these rags except in very special circumstances. Obvliously, somebody at the Huffington Post could have a lot more time on their hands if they kept to a regime similar to mine.

Be careful if you go out today. If I am able to tell someone helpful tips about not wasting their lives then somewhere, pigs must be flying.

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Karen Zipdrive said...

Matty Boy, it's not a waste of your time. It's a sociological study that historians will rely on in decades to come.