Wednesday, June 2, 2010

Betty White blasts "phony" Hollywood animal lovers

Publication: National Examiner
Date: 7 June 2010

The Enquirer and the Globe have both trashed Betty White on their covers, so it has to be the turn of the other rag in the top three of most negative supermarket magazine to go after her.

And this story I actually believe.

Betty White is famous as an animal activist. She and Bob Barker have been animal activists long before PETA could grab a single headline. If she thought someone was getting headlines by being against animal cruelty under false pretenses, she would not be shy about it.

As usual, I did not open the magazine to read the story, but if you are a "phony" Hollywood animal activist in the eyes of Miss Betty White, the rabbit does not approve of you, sir or madam.

And neither do I.